I don’t know how’d i take it if i find out that all this time you’ve just been lying to me. Even when i tried to let go, you didnt want me to leave.. So i stayed. What if that was the wrong decision? What if you just wanted me to stay for your own little game? I really dont know how i’d take if all this time it was just a game to you. Because letting you go and trying to forget you the first time had to be the hardest thing i’ve ever done, not sure how it will be if i had to do it for the second time.

Time to let go

It has now come to the point where i miss you but you don’t miss me back. It has come to the point where our daily conversations has now been cut down to just a few sentences in a week. It has come to the point where i’m now the only one making the effort to talk to you and find out how you are. It has come to the point where we don’t even say good morning/night to each other like we used to. It has come to the point where i’m the one always making the effort and fighting hard to save this relationship. It has come to point where i’m starting to feel the “weight” of this relationship and weariness is starting to take over. It has come to the point where i think it’s finally time to let go (even though i hate letting go of things that i love/cherish). I’m gonna try my best to forget about you and learn to live without you even though it hurts. And although there are many things around me that may remind me of you, i’m gonna try not to be affected by it.
It has come to the point where it’s now your turn to try and save this relationship if it’s not too late.

My heart aches really badly. Please make it go away. Why is it that when i give my all or fight soo hard, it always doesnt matter. I feel really stupid to have put my feelings all out there, only to have it not matter at all. Cause at the end of the day, they always drift away.. And no matter how hard i fight/put in as much effort as i can for it to work, it doesnt even matter.. Because i can feel you slipping away like sand running through my fingers :(